With a planned production date of October 2017, Performing Disorder! will be the outcome of Inez de Vega’s 2014/2015 Georges Mora Fellowship in partnership with the State Library of Victoria.

Performing Disorder! is a fully immersive spectacle of spoken word, dance, song and projected image that will take place under the library's famous dome. At night, the panopticon of the dome will erupt with a madness and pathos that will unveil the true stories of women incarcerated in Victoria’s psychiatric institutions. Set in an institutional time warp, the audience will be transported from the 1890s, through the now and into the future.

Half theatre/half art-installation, it involves collaboration with up to 35 artists, dancers, singers, composers, choreographers, producers, technicians and mentors, and is De Vega's most ambitious project to date.