Inez de Vega's Bed Therapy

Inez de Vega will be therapist-in-residence in the pop-up shipping container gallery in the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art forecourt from 11th to 15th November.

Bringing her own brand of street counselling to weary city dwellers who feel alienated and in need of support, she will provide a welcome source of unexpected comfort (in a cosy bed) for passers by who feel ill at ease with the demands of urban life.

Inez will have one participant at a time join her in bed (though the public can listen in). She will engage her participant in an intimate discussion about their life, the challenges they face and their feelings. Inez’s bed is a place where we are encouraged to admit we carry wounds beneath the veneer of strength that we show to the world.

We are all wounded, yet as we go about our business in the urban environment we are expected to present a robust and uncomplicated exterior. Inez is offering her participants a rare moment of vulnerability in a communal space — where the public might risk an intimate encounter with a caring stranger and access their deeper feelings.

Bed Therapy will take place from 11.30am – 2.30 pm daily. Each therapy session will run for 40 minutes. If you would like to book in for therapy with Inez, please contact ACCA reception on (03) 9697 9999 (sessions are free).

Linda Tegg's Grassland Installation for Melbourne Festival

Linda Tegg's Grasslands, a grand meditation on nature versus culture at the State Library of Victoria, is on exhibition from Sat 11 Oct – Sun 23 Nov as part of the Melbourne Festival. 

Grasslands is an attempt to re-create the pre-settlement grasslands that once occupied the site on which the State Library of Victoria now stands. Working with experts at The University of Melbourne Department of Resource Management and Geography, Tegg selected a plethora of specially grown native plants and grasses.

This project is supported by The Georges Mora Foundation, the State Library of Victoria, the Australia Council, the City of Melbourne and the Melbourne School of Land and Environment, Melbourne University.

Artist: Linda Tegg
Horticulturist: John Delpratt
Landscape Architect: Anthony Magen

Linda Tegg preparing  Grasslands

Linda Tegg preparing Grasslands


Inez de Vega: Three Exhibitions

The 2014 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow, Inez de Vega is presenting work in three  exhibitions:

F Word Contemporary Feminist Art
Ararat Regional Gallery
28 August - 12 October 2014

The Substation Contemporary Art Prize
Substation, Melbourne
15 August  - 12 October 2014

Blindside, Melbourne - Online Exhibition
17 August - 11 October 2014

Inez de Vega,  Dying Not to Be , 2013 Still from HD Video, 08:00min

Inez de Vega, Dying Not to Be, 2013
Still from HD Video, 08:00min

Linda Tegg Exhibition 'Choir' at West Space

Linda Tegg's Choir will be exhibited at West Space, Melbourne, from 1 -30 August 2014.

Linda TEGG,  Choir , 2013  Still from HD Video,  07:00min

Linda TEGG, Choir, 2013
Still from HD Video, 07:00min

The two-part video Choir was developed through the Georges Mora Foundation Fellowship at the Centre Intermondes d’Art, La Rochelle with Coup de Chœur.

Linda Tegg was the 2012 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow and in 2013 was awarded an Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship resulting in Linda soon commencing study at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).  Linda is also the recipient of an Australia Council New Project Grant, the City of Melbourne Arts Grant and an Arts Victoria Grant 2014.